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Say goodbye to the music industry of the 20th century. Gone are the days when releasing a song was reserved for artists with the funding of record labels. Gone are the days when it cost hundreds of pounds to record a single. Gone are the days when sound engineers wore white lab coats and only communicated with the producer…

…and say hello to the world of modern music production.

Almost all music today is made using computers and other music technology. Almost any musician with a bit of technical know-how and intuition can make their own music. This is where we come in.

Do you ever find yourself underwhelmed at the quality of your recordings? Can’t seem to get things to sit in the mix where you want them? Wonder why your music isn’t sounding like what you’re hearing on the radio? Don’t know where to put those tracks you’ve made to get them into trailers and TV shows? Despair no more.

Editing music on a computer
Say hello to the world of modern music production.

It can be truly overwhelming learning how to operate production software whilst understanding how to mix and use music tech, whilst also figuring out how to get your music heard! With our course, we take you through the whole journey, from start to finish, in bite-size chunks. We can teach you about the different equipment you’ll need and how to use it, we can teach you about songwriting and arranging, we can show you how to get the best out of the gear you have. We are also happy to teach you about how to make money from your music and give you bespoke advice on achieving this. We teach a variety of mixing and microphone techniques suitable for recording music in any genre, as well as building knowledge of industry-standard equipment and procedures.

Whether you are a musician who wants to advance their technical knowledge and make a living from their music, a total beginner or even an A-Level student looking to get the best possible grades, look no further. With our bespoke lessons and experienced, friendly tutors, we are confident that we can help you get the best out of your productions.

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