Five of the world’s weirdest instruments

History has shown that making music is an integral part of the human experience. From very early man, in all corners of the world, people sung, banged on wood or stone to make a beat and developed systems and instruments to organise sound in sophisticated ways.

Let’s take a look at five of the strangest instruments around!

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The Sometimes Interesting History of our Favourite Christmas Songs

As soon as December comes around (and as early as October for some eager shops!), the normal fare of old hits intermingled with current pop dies down on radio, shops and elevators alike, to be replaced with an almost-repeated stream of Christmas hits. We all know them all by now, though new ones do make

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Music Politics and Education. Which parties care about the arts?

As we approach the final hours of the election, I’m sure most of us are thinking about Brexit.

But Brexit isn’t the only thing that could change our quality of life in the near future – at Bravura we wanted to find out what each party was planning to do in the coming years with regards to music and the arts. Read on!

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7 Ways Music Benefits Your Health

DId you know that aside from sounding great and keeping us entertained, music has a whole host of benefits for your health, mind and heart?

If you want to know more about the different ways that music affects us, look no further!

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