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What is Bravura?

Bravura Music Academy is an online platform for lessons in various areas of music, from singing to composition!

I’m Shane. I’m a multi-instrumentalist and composer – I started Bravura up in 2019 to bridge a gap for students who wanted up to a formal-level of music education without the academia and endless study.

Hi, I’m Shane!

My system revolves around the concept that when a student is mentally stimulated, he or she can achieve in an hour what would usually take a day.

Using the knowledge I’ve attained from over 15 years of learning about, writing and performing music, I have designed a course which is not only totally adaptable to each student based on their goals, but allows each student to fully grasp, appreciate and understand the important musical concepts which will shape their understanding and playing of music.

I offer one to one singing lessons, guitar lessons and piano lessons as well as courses in Music Production and Composition & Arrangement to students of all ages, abilities and levels of experience.

One of my guitar students (from when lessons were face to face!)

I approach lessons with a friendly, patient and of course passionate attitude – my standards are high and I strive to deliver the best quality tuition. I also hold a DBS certificate so if you’re a parent, you can be sure your child is safe and in good hands!

Everybody has different goals in music, which is why my teaching system is designed to fit different students and their learning styles, and to help you get the results you want. After grades? No problem. Want to become a confident performer? Look no further! Or perhaps you want to learn how to compose like the masters? I would love to help! Music can be for everyone, I firmly believe that. Why not start your musical journey and book your free trial today?