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Welcome to Bravura Music Academy

Online music lessons in Singing, Guitar, Piano, Production and Composition & Arrangement.

Dedicated to bringing you the very finest tuition, across a range of musical instruments.

Offering lessons across Guitar, Bass, Piano, Singing and more!

Bravura is all about passion, fun and learning. The aim of the game is to help you improve and achieve your musical desires. Offering free trials to all new students – there’s never been a better time to get learning!

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons

Our online guitar lessons are tailored to deliver the results YOU want. Many music schools and tutors forget that not everybody takes the same route to 'success'. I have spent many years as a guitar teacher curating and creating the best resources and lesson plans, all with one single aim - to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be!

Guitar Lessons
Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons

Online piano and keyboard classes. For beginners and the experienced alike! Our tutors are patient, friendly and experienced with helping you achieve your goals! We currently offer up to Grade 8 tuition in Piano and Keyboard.

Piano Lessons
Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons

When it comes to singing, it can feel like you're putting a lot on the line. Lessons are focused around building technique, musicianship and confidence, in a fun and engaging way. Everyone has a unique voice - we're here to help you get the most out of yours

Singing Lessons
Composition & Arrangement

Composition & Arrangement

Theory can be a chore. At Bravura we know how to make it fun. This course takes you deep into the world of music composition and arrangement. Whether you want to write or read music, or if grades are what you're after, you're in the right place!

Composition & Arrangement
Music Production

Music Production

Interested in making music? We offer an in-depth look at modern music production. Students will get hands-on with industry standard equipment. We pride ourselves on arming our students with the arsenal of tools and knowledge required to create quality tracks in any genre.

Music Production
Lessons go at the Learner's pace and are lots of fun. My daughter has grown in confidence since she's been having singing lessons with Shane.
Excellent teaching that is definitely tailored to the way I learn and done in a way to keep me interested and enthused every lesson! Professional service with a very knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic teacher who obviously loves what he does. Definitely making quicker progress with Shane than I ever thought I could! Highly highly recommend!
While I was initially a little apprehensive about singing lessons, I was reassured by the friendly, sincere and supportive atmosphere created by Shane. The lessons are well paced with a good balance of structure and flexibility so that it feels fun, while still taking practice and progress seriously. Shane’s passion for music is infectious, so it wasn’t long before I wanted to know more about the music theory underpinning the singing lessons, and I can honestly say that this has fundamentally changed how I understand music.
Shane is a great tutor, very easy to get on with and talented across all instruments! Music theory has finally clicked with him and he has instantly been able to improve my guitar playing in particular in just a few weeks.
Shane has been teaching me singing and guitar for over 2 years now. He is a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher, always wanting to push me a bit further to reach potential I never knew I had. While he can get frustrated if I don't practice he can also lavish the praise when I finally 'get' something. Not being one to stand still he is also always pushing himself to learn new things to pass on to his pupils. I've also recommended him to several of my friends and acquaintances from the local Bristol music scene.
Tim C
Shane has been giving my daughter both singing and piano lessons for nearly two years now. She has really enjoyed being taught by him and his lessons have led to an increase in her confidence which has been noticed by her school and has also led to her grades in music improving. She says they have fun in her lessons and she has learned to play music she likes to listen to.
Shane at Bravura is an excellent teacher who always manages to make lessons fun and productive. He has helped me with all aspects of singing and music theory and his ability to accompany any song I pick to sing is inspiring (if also a little daunting!) He is always encouraging and keen to bring out the best in his students.
Shane is an excellent teacher who really brings out the confidence and talent in people! I've been seeing him for several years now and has completely bought me out of my shell!! Thank you x
I'm an adult student who started taking piano lessons about a year ago, having never played before but always wanted to. I have to say the lessons have been really useful and lots of fun too. I always have a laugh and learn a lot!
Shane is really patient and explains things in a way which makes it easy to digest. I've been learning composition and arrangement with him and my understanding of music is growing all the time. I would definitely recommend the composition course as I feel like I've improved as a musician generally, not just on my instrument.
I have improved so much since I started. Over the 4 months I've been having guitar lessons I can play things I never thought I'd be able to so soon, and music seems like less of a mystery to me every week!
Shane has been my singing teacher for about 9 months now. He's very knowledgeable on many instruments, not just singing and has also helped me with song writing and studio recording, whilst having a good laugh to boot. I started singing lessons to improve my backing vocals in my band Zendium Moon and my voice has improved no end to the point I'm performing main vocals on a couple of songs and also performing solo as a side project.
Shane is brilliant! I really enjoy lessons with him, he makes me feel comfortable and relaxed and teaches me lots.
I love my lessons with Shane - they are really fun and I have definitely noticed improvement in my voice since I started...